Sunday, March 19, 2017

March Update

It has been a while since I have updated
I am partly frustrated with  my progress, because i haven't been doing as well with my eating as i want to be. I will however give you the amazingly good results of my month of Fat Furnace!

Overall in the month of February-
I lost 11.6 LBS.
My neck went from 18.75 inches to 18.25 inches.
My bicep went from 16.75 inches to 16.5 inches
My chest went from 53.75 inches to 51.75 inches (A WHOLE 2 INCH LOSS!)
My stomach went from 57 inches to 55.25 inches! (1.75 inches. BOOYA)
My hips went from 48.5 to 47.25 (1.25 inch loss!)
My Thighs went from 27.5 to 27 inches..
overall, added up, over the month, I lost 6.5 inches off my body!
... the best part is this.. I went from 37.7% body fat.. to 35.3.. thats 2.4% in just the month!

My weight is hovering at just above 300 lbs.. and I so badly want to get under that big 3-0-0. I KNOW I can do it, I just have to push and eat well!

One last note for this post.. I tested out at my gym for how much I can do in back squats (in order to base my exercises off a percentage of my max). And I maxed out at a mind blowing (for me) 265 LBS! It totally caught me offguard, and reminded me how good it feels to continue to do well for myself... 

Oh. and serious last note.. My right knee, which I have had to be careful of for a long time... doesn't really hurt anymore.. I have seemed to already exercised and strengthened it to the point of not being as scared of damaging it.. 

Typing this is reminding me both how far I have come, and how far I have to go... and how much support I have.. and that I CAN DO THIS. Yeah. Back on track with the diet tomorrow. Back on Track with tracking what I eat..

May the Force Be With You

Nogi Limor

Monday, February 13, 2017


So things have been progressing well. The fat furnace.. seems to be working. In the last week, I lost 6.1 lbs, going from 315.5 to 309.4. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with this. This puts me at a total of 25 (roughly) lbs lost! I couldn't be happier, honestly, and at this rate, will drop below 300 in 2-3 weeks!

I'm so happy about this, I can't really think of much else to say for now, so this will be a short one!

May the Force Be With You

Nogi Limor

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


HEY GUYS! Time for an Update!
First off- Current Weight- 315.5- That's almost 18 pounds from where I started!
Things have been going well, with the great people over at Legacy Fitness kicking my butt every day mon-friday. I am actually pretty proud of myself, I find myself pushing myself harder and harder almost every workout I do! I ache, but I can almost feel my muscles tightening and improving...

I will say.. I hate situps... with a passion... and I only today really somehow got my hands and body to cooperate do jump rope more than two jumps in a row, (I got to 17! YAY ME).

As for my diet, I am doing this thing with other Legacy members called "the Fat Furnace". It is mainly more accountability, as the guys at the gym check My My Fitness Pal every day, give me my target numbers I should be eating each day, along with recipes to try and have for dinner. Two days in, and so far so good, though I am having trouble hitting my carbohydrates goal.

My daily goals for the fat furnace are 350g Carbohydrates, 160g Protien, 60g Fat... and having lowered my main carb intake, i am having troble hitting what i need to while still eating healthy carbs... meh, work in progress.

I do need to get my hands on some protein powder. I think I will be going with a Protien+Greens powder from Costco. I dunno. I have no clue what the hell the difference is, besides i know whey protien has lactose.. which makes me fart.

Overall, things are great! Thanks for the love and support guys, and see you all soon!

May the Force Be With You

Nogi Limor

Friday, January 27, 2017

Week One Down

So, I know I keep saying this.. but.. HOLY CRAP AM I SORE! It has been a crazy, amazing week (four days) of exercise, and I am SUPER excited for more. Saturday and Sunday this week, I rest, and back at it on Monday.

I want to talk a bit about the mentality of what I am doing. I have, over the years, dieted, been forced to diet, exercised, been forced to exercise, but now, I do it for ME. There are many things in our lives that we HAVE to do. We HAVE to take evil, evil PE classes in school. For a kid like me, this was torture. I developed a hate of exercise, and sports, because of the negative, competitive attitude instilled in me by some gym teachers and the other students. Now, mind you, I don't blame the teachers, far from it. They are trying to wrangle and exercise numerous little shits at any given time (and yes, all kids are little shits now and then. DEAL WITH IT). And those little shits, who made my life hell in my early years are hardly to blame either, right? So on whose shoulders does the responsibility of love of exercise lie? Well, it should lie on all of us, as a society. There needs to be a point where health is no longer a competition (FUCK YOU BIGGSET LOSER) and needs to be part of the common consciousness. We, as a whole, need to be more like my amazing trainers at Legacy Fitness. The question is not "why can't Jimmy run a mile in x time, or why can't he do six hurdles". It should be "how do we show Jimmy that running gets your blood moving and can make you feel like the world is amazing". It does, you know. As much as it sucks, as much as it hurts, I feel ALIVE. I feel my blood rushing, and heart pumping, and it reminds me I am not just floating through this life, I am LIVING it. It reminds me that things move FORWARD,  and while we have to respect our past, we can't get stuck in it.

You will have to bear with me, as I am not writing in proper formats, mostly just stream of consciousness.

I have realized why I am going to be successful now, where I haven't before. A good part of it is my life over the last ten years. A lot has happened. I lost my father, had a failed marriage, had good jobs and bad, moved across country, found an amazing love, had a daughter, and through it all, one theme remains... I. Move. Forward. No matter what happens in my life, I get through it. Not without help, of course, I don't ever think I could do it alone, but knowing i have people there for me is what gives me the strength to remind myself to keep going. Today, as part of my workout, I was doing sets of three push-ups, combined with other things. I HATE push-ups with a passion, partly due to those gym classes. But what got me through each set was two images. The first was my daughter. I want to see her grow, fall in love, have heartbreak, become amazing, and if I don't lose weight, I won't be able to, simple as that. The second is the image of EVERYTHING I have worked past.. and compared to that, three push-ups are NOTHING. So I counted. One. Two. Three.. What's Next.

One of my favorite shows of all time is "The West Wing". Martin Sheen as President Jed Bartlet was simply amazing. One of the things that was a reoccurring theme was his ability to take whatever came at him, deal with it, and simply ask "What's Next?". It is not said in despair, or in an exasperated way. It is simply stated. "What's Next?". Give me the next thing to handle, and I shall do so. It is how I have started handling every day of work. X job is done. "What's next". Y job. ok. "What's Next?". All done? Great. Let's head home.

So My challenge to you for today. Try to look at your own life. And the next time something comes at you, don't say "why me?" Don't say "this is crap". Take it. Handle it. and then simply ask.. "What's Next?". You might find your day a little easier to get through.

May the Force Be With You

Nogi Limor

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Everything is sore, except my mood

Holy crud! The last two days have kicked my rear end! These workouts have been amazing and I am learning just how far I can push myself. Now, when I say push myself, don't worry, it's not like I am going to hurt myself, I just mentally have started to see what I can do. Little things like when on the exercise bike, seeing if I can make sure I keep a pace of 8 calories per minute. (I did ten on Tuesday, so eight today was not too bad!) I am a bit worn out though. I am posting this from my phone, in bed, and I keep nodding off as I type, so this is going to be short. I don't remember the last time my arms and shoulders have been this sore. I am relishing the feeling though. It means what I am doing is working. I reeeaaally need to go to bed now though. The last three sentences took seven attempts to write, lol.

May The Force Be With You
Nogi Limor

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The good kind of sore

Holy crud am I sore. Today was day one of workouts and back on the bandwagon. And I.. Feel.. GREAT.

Besides the fact that my legs feel like jelly from actually doing a workout for a full hour, i am emotionally upbeat and postitive! Corey and Shanna, the owners of Legacy Fitness here in Gardner KS, are SUPER encouraging people who really want you to succeed. I know it will get harder from here, but between them and the awesome people in the class I have joined, I am on the road to success!

Current Weight: 321- Down 12 pounds!

Daily Check In

Breakfast- Smoothie

Lunch- Pulled Pork Salad

Dinner- Hamburger Patty, green beans, mac and cheese

Snack- 30 Dark Chocolate Chips

Getting back on the food bandwagon, while giving myself a little bit of leeway here and there, combined with the exercise, I think is going to be the recipe for success...

Side note, I had to buy new T-Shirts and shorts to work out in. And, of course, they are Star Wars themed. Only fitting!

I feel great, I hope you do too!

May the Force Be With You!
Nogi Limor

Monday, January 23, 2017

Brief update

Tomorrow (today i guess) I am getting back on the bandwagon. After a bad weekend food wise, today (monday) I had my consultation with Corey, the trainer. I start my new workout class after work tomorrow (tuesday). I am super excited. I cant wait for this great push in the right direction. I checked my weight and overall I am already down 12 pounds. Good start, LONG way to go. But small steps will get me there, as long as I don't give up hope! So I feel good. Starting post workout tomorrow I am COMMITTED to updating every day again, with what workouts i have done, how i feel, and more! Till then,

May the Force Be With You,

Nogi Limor